Creating Google Groups
Go to Sign in (or create an account and sign in). You can create a separate collaboration space and color for each group. Members do not need Google accounts.

To go directly to the Groups page:

1. Locate Groups from the more drop down arrow.  

Google Docs

2. Click on the Create button:   Create Groups Button on the top right of the page.

3. Fill out the information boxes:

Create Groups Info Box

4. Invite members to the group by providing email addresses. You can also do this after the group is set up.

Invite Members Box

5. Edit group settings:
You will find the group listed in My Groups on the right side of the page.

Edit Group Link

6. Click into the group and you will see functions you can perform.

Edit Settings

7. To customize color or fonts, click on the Tune your group’s settings link. There is also a link on the right side of the page, called Group Settings.  

8. The next page will show a tabbed screen. Click on the Appearance tab.

Appearance Tab

9. Click on Customize Fonts and Colors:

Customize Fonts and Colors Link


10. Assign the group a color so you can easily identify it.

Assign Colors Page


Link to tour of what you can do with a Google group:
Overview of Google groups: