CISF102---Cyber Crime


This course explores computer related crime in cyber space now and in the past. Ethical and criminal infractions in personal and work related situations are studied. Methods of investigation by computer forensic professionals are considered and techniques for security and safety researched.
Prerequisite: None      Corequisite: None

College Syllabus


Computer Security Fundamentals, by Chuck Easttom: Prentice Hall, Copyright: 2006, ISBN 0131711296


This is a hands-on class, with much of the material being accumulative. This course is delivered in eLearning format.

The class will be taught using a web-based service called Blackboard. You must complete the WELCOME TO CISF102  learning module within the course space during the first week of classes.  BB is not really difficult to use, but if you need some personal guidance, to make an appointment for one-on-one help, please call Academic Computing Services at 215-968-8002. We will also be using google apps that are available from your bucks email page.

Orientation will be done online using webex. You will need both a telephone and a an internet connected computers. Students will get an email from me to their Bucks Email account 1 week before the semester starts with invitation. Attendance at the orientation is mandatory.  The session will be recorded.

You will need to spend at least 6-8 hours a week, outside of class, reading, preparing assignments and labs. It is imperative that you participate in the online class regularly.   The rule of thumb is 2 hours out of class for every hour in class.  This is a 3 hour class, so you should be spending about 9 hours a week on course materials.

IMPORTANT- To find out your username, you will need to go to WebAdvisor . You will need either your student id or your social security number.

To log in to your class, go to and click on Online/E-Services and then Bb Vista.  You will not have access to this course until 1:00 AM the first day of class. Please let me know ASAP, via email, if you are unable to log in.

It is imperative that you attend class regularly. If you are absent more than three times or fail to log in to BB for three weeks, you will receive an F for the course (except under exceptional circumstances). You are responsible for all missed work. Make-up quizzes may be given at the discretion of the instructor- make sure you contact me BEFORE you miss a quiz. Personal computer problems are not an acceptable excuse for late work.


Students will be evaluated on exams, labs, and class participation. Assignments will not be accepted more than one week late. Late Assignments earn no more than a C. It is important that assignments be handed in on time and complete. All assignments will be submitted electronically through BB.

It is your responsibility to be sure you have submitted everything on time. You should frequently check to see which assignments are due and which have been graded. You may calculate your grade at any time by dividing the number of points you have earned by the total points possible to that point. Extensions and make-ups will only be given under extreme circumstances. Personal computer problems are not an acceptable excuse for late work.

Please complete reading assignments prior to using the supplemental tools available within BB.


Please review the college academic calendar for important dates.

Students are urged to retain all graded work returned to them until final grades have been received from the college. You can print the My Grades page of BB for your records.

Students should consult the Academic Policy in the College Catalog concerning important rules governing students in their academic work.

If there is a need to withdraw from this course, do so officially from the Admissions Office.

Plagiarism: Plagiarism and other forms of academic cheating are unacceptable and are considered as MAJOR infractions of the Student Code of Conduct and College Policy and will be dealt with as published in the College Catalog.

You may contact the instructor via email using the BB tool, or by sending regular email to  I am also available via skype at arta.szathmary.

If you have a disability and wish to discuss academic accommodations, I encourage you to see me as soon as possible.

Arta Szathmary